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  • Ski Furniture & Ski Decor

    <p>All Antique Ski Shop’s ski &amp; sled furniture as well as our home decoration items are replicas of the 1920s ski era and the sleds are from the mid 1800s logging period. These items are crafted 100% by hand and made one at a time in small quantities using solid ash (a hardwood) to ensure durability, functionality and beauty for years to come. Our furniture and decoration items will help turn your home into a place you're happy to show off while at the same time feeling extremely comfortable within your own four walls. </p>
  • Mountaineering Equipment

    <p>Whether your passion is to hike or climb mountains, we have amassed a small collection of vintage mountaineering equipment which will look just great wherever you decide to place them in your home or chalet.</p>
  • Other Chalet Decor Items & Gifts for Skiers

    <p>We have put together a small collection of rare vintage ski accessories in order to help you add that extra touch in decorating your home or chalet.</p>
  • Snowshoes

    <p>Our antique snowshoes come from North America. These amazing handcrafted snowshoes were made from seasoned ash, oak or maple wood ~ hand woven with rawhide and most of them still have their original leather bindings. They are all in very good shape considering their age and could still be used out on the snow or to hang on the wall.</p>
  • Skates

    <p>Ice skating has a rich heritage and traditions spanning the centuries and around the globe. Antique ice skates have been highly sought after by collectors, decorators or home owners who are looking for that additional “extra touch” to enhance their home decor.</p>
  • Swiss Weather Stone

    <p>The Swiss Weather Stone® is a humor display that pokes fun at the intricate technology used in modern weather forecasts, as well as the fact that their accuracy is less than perfect. This an a great alternative to the "Classic" souvenirs from Switzerland and makes a great and original gift! Your Swiss Weather Stone includes a detailed brochure with the following features; 1 - Origins of the Swiss Weather Stone 2 - 30 various weather readings 3 - Special functions 4 - Safety instructions 5 - Care &amp; maintenance instructions 6 - Guarantee 7 - F.A.Q’s</p>
67.00 CHF

These handmade frames are crafted with 1920's replica skis. You have a choice of several patent illustrations printed on high quality parchment paper. Displayed together, these ready-to-hang ski frames would make a very interesting decor in your home or ski lodge.

270.00 CHF

World and Olympic downhill champion Egon Zimmermann jumps over a Porsche 356 in Arlberg, Austria (Intellectual creation in 1957 - photographed in 1960).

All our Hans Truöl prints are delivered with a "Certificate of Authenticity".

79.00 CHF

You do not have to be a wine connoisseur or an expert skier to appreciate this innovative way to display your favorite vino. Balanced to hold 1, 2, or 3 bottles this wine rack will look great just about anywhere and would make a great gift!

150.00 CHF

We offer prints to order in a variety of sizes and finishes of all of our unique and rare ski posters: We take an artisan-style approach to all our printing, which is done exclusively using the giclee process and then finished by hand individually. We do not carry stock.

74.00 CHF

The perfect gift for the passionate skier! A set of three office desk accessories for holding pens, mobile phones/tablet & business card holder.

85.00 CHF

This pair of 1930's antique ski goggles were worn by the Swiss "Gebirgsjager" (Military Mountain Troops). The extreme dark green lenses shielded their eyes from the glare of the sun reflecting off the bright white glaciers. They come with an aluminium storage box. Ski with them, wear them at a ski party, hang them up or do it all!

195.00 CHF

This wall sconce features crossed carved wooden skis with a metal toe binding and leather strap for added authenticity and charm. A traditional paper shade which sits atop a curved metal arm is also included. This wall sconce is the perfect lighting option for your chalet, or works to add a cabin style touch to a rustic living room. Ready for hardwire installation or can easily be modified for plugging in. Stitching around top and bottom shade rims lends a natural, hand-made feel.

535.00 CHF


These 1930's vintage German skis (without edges) are fully restored & complete. They feature "Select" bindings and the toe straps have been replaced. They also have extra thick tails which are rarely seen. This pair of wooden skis would look just great on the walls of your home or chalet. (Only ships within Switzerland)

345.00 CHF

Circa 1960's. Excellent condition. The Ojibwe traditional wood snowshoes unique shape provides a great flotation in opened forest and field where there is a lot of snow. Its narrow and lifted nose, combined with its long narrow tail, are providing great gliding properties in downhill on hard snow. Quiet and stable, it is a good all-around snowshoe for long distance adventure. The name Ojibwe comes from one of the largest of the Native peoples of Canada that settled along the Great Lakes in Ontario, in western Canada and north-central United States. This highly aesthetic snowshoe is one of the oldest of traditional wooden snowshoes. Curiously, it resembles those used by the ancient peoples of Siberia, Greenland and Scandinavia many centuries ago. 

245.00 CHF

These ski boots are a fine example of craftsmanship from "Bally of Switzerland" during a short joint venture with "Koflach Boots" (Austria). These rare & hard to fine Bally-Koflach "Olympia" boots are from the early 60's, feature double laces and as the boots, the original included box is in very good condition. They really made them tough to last back then as they each weigh 1.8 Kilos! 

720.00 CHF

This floor lamp will look great in jsut about any corner of your home or chalet. It is made with three restored original & idendical 150 cm skis from the 1950's which were found in Switzerland. The skis and "Tornado" bindings have been completly restored and look very nice indeed. 

The Ski Floor lamp will add rustic style to your home. Standing just over 158 cm tall (top of socket) it casts light in just the right places. It comes with an on/off foot switch and a Swiss plug which can easily be replaced with any other type of plug. A simple assembly of 6 screws is required.

Please note that the lamp shade is not included.

280.00 CHF

This is a very scarce & rustic looking 1940's ice axe made by J. M. Andenmatten in Saas Grund located in the Valais, Switzerland. It has been cleaned/polished and besides a few minor knicks from use, it is exceptionally good looking with it’s original canvas strap. No doubt this vintage ice axe will look just great decorating a wall in your home or chalet.

1,450.00 CHF

This is a very unique sled from the 1950's with a solid steering wheel and a brake. The sled was inspired by and marked "Fridtjof Nansen" (faintly visible) who was a Norwegian explorer, scientist, diplomat, humanitarian, and Nobel Peace Prize laureate. This was the first steering wheel toboggan with cable steering, and Nansen himself gave permission for manufacturer K. K. Lien & Co Plogfabrikk on Tromøya to use the name.

The sled is in very good condition & mechanically sound - nothing missing or broken. The patina is very nice and shows only minor signs of wear. The hand brake lever operates both the front & rear braking system. The metal runners and other metal parts are in amazing shape with only a few specks of rust. 


165.00 CHF

This pair of very scarce antique "SUPER 4 - POP UP" ski goggles were made by LOUBSOL in St Claude, France & are in amazing condition (almost new). They feature 2 automatic air vents which close when skiing and then open when standing still. The adjustable elastic strap and foam padding are in excellent shape. An absolute must for the serious collector or vintage/Après ski partier!

Loubsol started making ski goggles in 1974 and are still active today. 

140.00 CHF

These complete vintage Swiss bamboo ski poles are in good condition and feature their original leather hand grips/straps, plastic basket rings with complete leather webbing & metal tips.  One of the aluminum ferrules is missing and the other shows a crack. Otherwise, a perfect partner for your antique skis to decorate the walls of your home or chalet. 

520.00 CHF

We found these increasingly hard to find 1920's children skis & hickory poles in the Laurentians, Quebec, Canada. the skis and hickory poles have been completly restored with new "period like" leather boot straps which go through the base of the skis. The leather pole grips are original and the rattan pole baskets are also "period like" replacements. These beautiful & very rare pair of "Nipple" skis & poles are part of Canadian skiing history & will no doubt look great hanging on the wall of your home or chalet.