Our antique snowshoes come from North America. These amazing handcrafted snowshoes were made from seasoned ash, oak or maple wood ~ hand woven with rawhide and they still have their original leather bindings. They are all in very good shape considering their age and could still be used out on the snow or to hang on the wall.


These vintage Canadian snowshoes are in very good condition. They have a wonderful patina with all the webbing in place with leather bindings.

225.00 CHF

These 1940's snowshoes were once used by the Swiss Military Mountain Troops. They are in exellent condition and a very rare find. These antique snowshoes would look just great decorating your home or chalet with! 


This is a very good looking pair of vintage snowshoes from Canada.  If you are looking for a fine pair of antique snowshoes to enhance your chalet decoration, these are for you.

215.00 CHF

Oh Canada! These are a very unique pair of antique snowshoes. The wooden frames were bought by a professionnal Canadian trapper who did the rawhide lacing himself and fashioned the bindings using rubber from an old tire inner tube.


These 1960's antique Canadian snowshoes were made by the Faber Company in Loretteville, Quebec. They are in exellent condition and would make a nice wall hanger at your ski lodge or a gift to a friend for their chalet wall. 

285.00 CHF

These 1950's antique snowshoes were made by the Chestnut Canoe Company in Fredericton, New Brunswick. An ideal gift for someone to enhance their chalet deco with.

395.00 CHF

Originally these snowshoe "planks" were made by the indians from Little Whale River in Quebec, Canada. The first ones made were from 1894 and were called "Papatshitakusham" snowshoes made from two flat spruce planks. They were mostly used in Spring for travelling over soft, slushy snow. The other regular netted snowshoes became clogged with slush, rendering the weight very fatiguing.