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495.00 CHF

This very scarce ca. 1920's antique ice axe was made by the legendary ice axe maker Alfred Bhend (second generation). The Bhend ice axe tradition spans over 150 years, with the craft passing down through 4 generations, today known as Bhend Metallblau, with Ruedi Bhend, nearly seventy years old, still making ice axes every winter. This particular axe is in very good condition, clean with no signs of rust. The ash handle is is well worn, with a few splinters of wood missing at the attachment of the head. All in all, a great display item. When you hold a Bhend ice axe in your hands, you hold a piece of climbing history!  

380.00 CHF

These are really fine pair of complete vintage 1950's children skis & bamboo poles. The top of the skis have been restored and look very clean. They are equipped with  "Tornado" bindings (complete with new toe straps) and bamboo poles with new hand straps and newly restored baskets. The skis are without edges and the  base is covered with a hard plastic. Besides the tips of the poles being rusty, they are in great shape and will look just great in your chalet/home childrens bedroom or any other room for that matter.