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125.00 CHF

These are a very nice pair of metal vintage downhill ski poles. They are complete with original leather grips & baskets. 

145.00 CHF

These vintage bamboo ski poles were made in former East germany (D.D.R.) in the 1950's and are in amazing condition. They feature their original leather hand grips and baskets. There is a small tear in the star design of the leather on one of the baskets (see photo) but otherwise, a perfect partner for your antique skis to decorate the walls of your home or chalet. 

155.00 CHF

These vintage Swiss bamboo ski poles are very nice and feature their original leather hand grips, rattan basket rings, aluminium ferrules & metal tips.  A perfect partner for your antique skis to decorate the walls of your home or chalet. They are complete/clean (original) & even though the grips show signs of wear plus the metal tips are somewhat rusty, they are in very good condition.    

145.00 CHF

These are a very decent pair of bamboo vintage downhill ski poles with their original leather hand grips, single rattan basket rings & the leather in very good condition. One of the basket rings broke and was repaired with a thin metal wire (see photo). Regardless, they will look just great hanging on the wall of your home or mountain chalet!

165.00 CHF

A complete & original pair of hickory ski poles from St. Moritz, Switzerland. These antique poles have rattan baskets with leather lacing, leather hand straps and metal "Slip On" tips. Besides some rust on the tips, a very fine looking pair of vintage ski poles.

220.00 CHF

This is an original vintage ice axe "Stubai Aschenbrenner Führerpickel Ges. Gesch*" (all engraved on the head). The axe is very good condition and shows signs of very minor wear. The original canvas wrist strap is still attached and the axe has been cleaned & polished. A beautiful item to enhance your home or chalet.

*Ges. Gesch = Registered trademark"

825.00 CHF

Here you have it all in one! A beautiful mountaineering display consisting of a vintage rucksack with ice axe, rope, crampons & glacier goggles - all from the 1940's/50's. The Austrian Stubai "Nanga Parbat" ice axe is in excellent condition & measures 69 cm in length & the head is 28 cm. The crampons are size 40 and are also most likely also from the Stubai Valley in South Tyrol. The glacier goggles are authentic Swiss military Alpine troops issue and come with its own storage tin. This vintage mountaineering combination will make a wonderful item for wall decor. 

130.00 CHF

These size 38, 10 point vintage crampons were manufactured in the late 60's in the Stubai valley, Austria. This pair of vintage climbing crampons are in surprisingly good condition for their age and most probably only worn a few times.

215.00 CHF

This is a very rustic looking 1940's ice axe made by L. Lambrigger in Mörel located in the Wallis, Switzerland. It has been cleaned and besides a few worm holes it is exceptionally good looking with “L. Lambrigger, Mörel, Wallis engraved on one side of the head which is attached with copper studs.

185.00 CHF

This very nice looking vintage ice axe has been cleaned and is free of dents or cracks. No name is marked but it was most probably manufactured in Switzerland for the Swiss military. A nice & scarce feature of this ice axe is that the head and spike are attached using copper studs.

185.00 CHF

Good used condition with a nice original patina &  cleaned.  'WERK-FULPMES' is one of the many forge works in the Stubai Valley in south Tyrol, Austria which produced ice axes and other climbing gear. "Werk Fulpmes" is engraved on the adze and the initials H.M.L. are both engraved & burnt on the shaft.  This tool has served its original purpose. It now shows wear expected from use.  The spike is slightly loose with a bit of play but it will nevertheless look very nice hanging on the wall of your home, lodge or chalet!

285.00 CHF

A good 1920’s Geb Andenmatten (Andenmatten Brothers) “Mischabel ice axe, the handle is made from ash wood with normal signs of use and the metal pick and adze have been cleaned. This is a fine quality ice axe made in Switzerland, the head being stamped with “GEB. ANDENMATTEN, SCHWEIZ, SAAS ALMAGEL” on one side and “MARKE MISCHABEL” with an outline of a mountain range on the other. The sliding eyelet for the leash is no longer present & on the lower part of the shaft, 2 nail holes are visible where the leash stop was once secured. This tool has served its original purpose. It now shows wear expected from use.  The spike is slightly loose with a bit of play as it lacks the fastening stud but it will nevertheless look very nice hanging on the wall of your home, lodge or chalet!

225.00 CHF

This is a very rustic & clean looking 1940's ice axe made by P. Schild & Sohn in Kandersteg, Bernese Oberland Switzerland. It is in very good shape with some normal usage wear including a few dings. The name "P. Schild & Sohn" is engraved on one side of the head and Sport Elmo Zurich (Sport shop which sold climbing gear) on the other side. The cotton leash disintegrated a long time ago, but the leash stop & sliding eyelet are still attached.

The forge was founded in 1906 by Peter Schild, his son Peter Schild jun. made himself a name as excellent ice axe smith. The original Schild & Sohn forge is now a historical monument & can be visited in Kandersteg.


This very scarce antique "Grindelwald" model was manufactured by Adolf Attenhofer in Zurich, Switzerland who was better known for his skis and the "ALPINA" ski bindings which were the least expensive and thus the most common bindings on the market during the 1920's. The ice axe has been cleaned of rust which slightly blistered the metal on the head, but this now gives it a very authentic look. The leash sliding eyelet & stop are still attached but the actual cotton leash disintegrated a long time ago. Adolf Attenhofer won the Swiss Ski Championships in 1917 while working developing skis at Ettinger Skis. This an exceedingly rare & collectible Ice Axe for the antique collector or for displaying in your home or ski lodge.

230.00 CHF

This very scarce antique ice axe was manufactured  by "Gebr. Andenmatten" (Andenmatten brothers) in Saas Almegel, Valais, Switzerland. The name "Mischabel" is engraved on one side of the head and  on the other side it has an indistinguishable logo/name (most probably the sport shop which sold them in Lausanne, Switzerland) and underneath, you can barely make out the name of the city “Lausanne”. It has been cleaned, polished and ready to decorate your home or mountain chalet with. 

285.00 CHF

These 1930’s vintage leather children's ski boots are extremely rare & almost new!  They are handmade featuring square toes and are were probably worn just a few times. They are marked "21" on the sole and have a single buckle strap and lacing. The edges of the solid wooden soles have been painted to resemble leather and the heels are with grooves to accommodate the binding cables. These boots will make a remarkably interesting collector’s item or decorating piece.

125.00 CHF

This pair of very rare vintage ski "SLALOM" goggles are in exellent condition. Made in France, these  goggles come with the original package and a interchangeable extra shield. They were sold by Franks & Bartlett Co. Ltd, London which still sells eyewear today.

115.00 CHF

These vintage Swiss ski goggles are in good condition with normal signs of wear. They feature velvet lined frames, adjustable elastic fastening and the original box. A "must" to wear at your next ski party or to hang up with your antique skis and poles.

95.00 CHF

These 1960's pair of New Old Stock "Bollé" antique goggles were made in Oyonnax, France. Brand new & very rare!