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1,450.00 CHF

This is a very unique sled from the 1950's with a solid steering wheel and a brake. The sled was inspired by and marked "Fridtjof Nansen" (faintly visible) who was a Norwegian explorer, scientist, diplomat, humanitarian, and Nobel Peace Prize laureate. This was the first steering wheel toboggan with cable steering, and Nansen himself gave permission for manufacturer K. K. Lien & Co Plogfabrikk on Tromøya to use the name.

The sled is in very good condition & mechanically sound - nothing missing or broken. The patina is very nice and shows only minor signs of wear. The hand brake lever operates both the front & rear braking system. The metal runners and other metal parts are in amazing shape with only a few specks of rust. 


560.00 CHF

These are a beautiful pair of 1940's Swiss Hickory skis & hard wood poles which are complete and in very good condition. The skis are equiped with the hardware to mount climbing skins. The wood has a burgundy hue &  were not restored as their worn state shows so much history of being used in the Swiss Alps. The bindings are Attenhofer "Alpina" and still have their original leather toe straps. The 121 cm poles have leather hand stitched straps & the shafts are extreemly rare as they are hexagon in shape - we've never seen anything like these before! The single rattan pole baskets are reinforced with aluminium rings and are complete with their intact leather webbing. These are great example of early Swiss made skis/poles and would make a great wall hanger in your ski chalet or home!

180.00 CHF

These bamboo ski poles were bought in Gstaad, Switzerland and are a very rare pair! The bamboo shafts are wrapped with a blue plastic sheath for reinforcement/protection and are most likely one of the first pairs which broke into the colored variety of ski poles. They feature aluminum ferrules with pointed metal tips with leather grips & loop straps which were hand-stitched. The baskets are made of double rattan rings with leather webbing that is still complete and intact. If you are looking for a fine & scarce pair of vintage ski poles to enhance your chalet decoration, these are for you!

125.00 CHF

This pair of vintage ski goggles were made in Japan by TAVAS and are in very good condition and come with the original box. The foam lining is in good condition and the elastic strap is well worn but still functional. You could you use these for your next vintage ski outing or they would also look just great hanging on the wall with your vintage 1960's skis and poles.

980.00 CHF

These vintage Bobbie Burns "The Ski" skis are what I consider “a must” for the serious ski collector & they are in very good condition. As I skied on these in the late 70’s, they were the second pair of “The Ski” which I performed on & were part of my personal collection. The top plate & graphics have some minor scratches but are basically in great shape. Some areas of the edges show rust as well as one dent. They are 185cm long and are equiped with Spademan bindings which were also a “must have” if you were a serious freestyle skier in the 70’s. See them in action here; Long John Whisky - Cinema advert