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490.00 CHF

These are a very beautiful & increasingly hard to find 1940's pair of finely restored vintage children skis. They are equiped with "KANDAHAR" bindings which are also restored. The tails of the skis are equiped with metal protectors. The bamboo poles are in excellent condition & are 70cm in length with 9 cm diameter baskets.  The leather hand straps are original and the leather webbing on the baskets are still all intact. Truly a nice & clean looking combination to enhance your home decor!

420.00 CHF

This very scarce ca. 1930's antique ice axe was made by the legendary ice axe maker Alfred Bhend (second generation). The Bhend ice axe tradition spans over 150 years, with the craft passing down through 4 generations, today known as Bhend Metallblau, with Ruedi Bhend, nearly seventy years old, still making ice axes every winter. This particular axe was sold by "A. STECK - Wabern -Be - Eicholzstr. 121" (engraved on one side of the head). It is in very good condition, clean with no signs of rust. The ash handle shows signs of normal use All in all, a great display item. When you hold a Bhend ice axe in your hands, you hold a piece of climbing history!