SOLD -1930's - 225 cm Rossignol Skis (Very Scarce/Unrestored)

Equipped with complete "NEVE" bindings, these early 1930's vintage Rossignol skis are extremely rare and a highly collectible item. They are 225 cm in length and branded with the name Rossignol (partly) & Voiron, the location where Abel Rossignol set up his first ski manufacturing shop in Isère, France. Overall, they are in very good condition for their age. A surface crack is visible on the underside of the tip but not on the top side. Whether you are looking to add to your antique ski collection or purchase a set for your home decor, this pair will be quite the conversation piece. (Only ships within Switzerland or by special arrangement).


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The Rossignol brand was launched in 1907 by Abel Rossignol who started by carving his first wooden boards in Isère and more precisely in the town of Voiron, France.

His skis were made of lightly varnished, solid wood. The design impressed members of certain organizations so much that in 1911, they gave Rossignol an award for his skis. This recognition spurned Rossignol to expand his ski operation because, despite his passion for skiing, his company kept its wooden part manufacturing division. The ski division of Rossignol’s business continued to improve its designs over the decades.

In the 1930s, the company switched from solid wood skis to laminated skis made of multilayered wooden boards, which weighed less and were tougher than the previous design. The switch proved to be a wise move. With the previous models, Rossignol was producing a few hundred skis a year. After they started making laminated skis, production leaped to thousands by the early 1950s. It was in 1970 that Rossignol took a new turn since Rossignol skis became the world number 1.  Read more about Rossignol; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skis_Rossignol


Data sheet

Early 1930's
Voiron, Isère, France
A true collectors item!
L 225 cm X W 9.0 cm
Wood, Metal, Leather

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