Vintage "Bluenose" Skis

SOLD - Vintage Canadian "Bluenose" Skis (Restored)

Beautifully crafted with a sleek design, these Canadian "Bluenose" skis are truly a work of art. Restored to a fine finish with complete binding straps. The skis were previously mounted on a wall and for this reason there are discreet holes through the rubber binding plates. This pair will look great wherever you decide to show them off!


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Bluenose skis, named after a famous racing schooner, were made in Canada. At one point during the 1920s, there were five ski manufacturers in Nova Scotia.

The most prominent was the Liverpool Woodworking Company, which manufactured the well-known “Bluenose” ski, crafted in “hickory, white ash, birch, maple and pine.”

By 1929, the rights to the Bluenose ski had been purchased by the Canada Ski Company, which moved production to Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia. In 1938, the Harvey E. Dodds Company acquired the manufacturing equipment of Canada Ski and moved the fabrication to Montreal. Dodds continued to produce solid wooden skis until 1950.


Data sheet

Canada ( Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia)
Restored with holes in rubber boot plate for mounting. Binding straps are complete with one being repaired as well as new replica vintage toe straps.
L 181 cm X W 8.0 cm
Wood, Metal, Leather, Rubber

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