Vintage Canadian Snowshoes / Raquettes a neige Vintage / Vintage Schneeschuhe

Antique "CREE" Snowshoes (Nr. 4)

These traditional Cree snowshoes were found in the first nations reserve of "Atikamekw of Manawan" in Quebec & are in fair condition considering their age. Some of the rawhide webbing has been repaired with cotton rope. Rather than using leather bindings, the Cree snowshoes consisted of using cloth rope straps (no longer attached) which were often replaced due to the elements.
Those red bits are the remains of pompoms, dyed tufts of possibly caribou fur, the red color indicating the Cree Nation. The purpose of the pompoms is that animal fur would mask human scent, and ideally one would craft the pompoms using fur of the game animal one was primarily hunting. 

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Manawan, officially named communauté Atikamekw de Manawan, is a First Nations reserve on the south-western shores of Lake Métabeskéga in the Lanaudière region of Quebec, Canada. It belongs to the Atikamekw of Manawan band of the Atikamekw Nation. Cree, Innu, and Attikamek (all closely related people)


Data sheet

Circa late 1800's
Fair condition (frayed & repaired rawhide)
L 84 cm X W 25 cm
Wood, Babiche,