Vintage "Prima" climbing crampons (Made in Switzerland)

SOLD - Antique "Prima" Climbing Crampons

These fully restored 8 point size 1 (27 cm in length)  climbing crampons were made by A. Hupfauf in Einsiedeln, Switzerland in the 1940's. They are part of the "Prima" model range.  The straps are original & the word "Schmal" is engraved underneath.


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Hupfauf were blacksmiths who started a factory in Einsiedeln, Switzerland. The first generation was Anton Hupfauf (1871-1916). The second generation was son Anton Hupfauf (1908-1993)

Anton the first was born in Fulpmes in the Tyrol region of Austria. After being trained as a blacksmith, he moved to Einsiedeln in Switzerland in 1898, and started as a blacksmith.

Initially the production was mainly farming tools and knives, but he gradually started to make ice axes and crampons. The products were exported to other countries. He won the gold medal in the Turin World's Fair, Italy in 1911. Founder Anton Hupfauf passed away because of an accident in 1916.

Until the second generation was old enough to manage the factory, a man named Melchior Ochsner, one of the employees, took over the management. In 1924 they possibly opened a shop and started to sell metal products and household goods there in addition to the factory.

Second generation Anton Hupfauf learned metal processing in Fulpmes Technical College in his father's hometown Fulpmes (Fulpmes Technical College). He graduated from there in 1926, and took over his father's factory in 1930.

Ice axes and crampons continued to be exported to foreign countries. During the Second World War they also delivered equipment to the army.


Data sheet

Circa 1940's
Einsiedeln, Switzerland
Fully restored and complete
Metal, Cotton straps