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Swiss Weather Stone

ON SALE! Swiss Weather Stone

The Swiss Weather Stone® is a humor display that pokes fun at the intricate technology used in modern weather forecasts, as well as the fact that their accuracy is less than perfect.

This an a great alternative to the "Classic" souvenirs from Switzerland and makes a great and original gift!

This item can also be viewed and purchased at our showroom in Monthey (Avenue du Simplon 23 “Le Trésor”, 1870 Monthey)

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Your Swiss Weather Stone is delivered in an aluminum gift box and includes a detailed 24 page brochure (English/French) with the following features;

1 - Origins of the Swiss Weather Stone

2 - 30 various weather readings

3 - Special functions

4 - Safety instructions

5 - Care & maintenance instructions

6 - Guarantee

7 - F.A.Q’s