Antique 1920's  Skis (Restored)

SOLD - Antique 1920's German Skis (Restored)

1920's German hand made skis with "UNITAS" bindings - all beautifully restored. The wood of one ski is slightly different than the other (most likely replaced when one ski broke) and besides a crack only visible on the side and base on one ski, both skis and bindings are in excellent condition. The original through the ski "toe bindings" were replaced with the present ones with heel straps most likely in the 30's. A wonderful set of skis to add to your collection or hang on your wall.  


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The Unitas company from Ditzingen (today Gretsch-Unitas) was founded in 1907. Initially, Unitas only produced construction fittings. Due to unsatisfactory sales, the company sought a second mainstay and was able to launch a new product on the market in 1932 with adjustable ski bindings/rolls. Due to extraordinary campaigns (expedition to the South Pole in 1933, ascent of the Himalayas in 1934) and novel advertising campaigns (hot air balloon, advertising records, successful ski athletes as advertising media) the bindings became a successful product of the company. After the Second World War (better after the currency reform in 1948), however, the production of ski bindings was resumed only until 1953. After that, the company again limited itself to its core business (construction fittings).


Data sheet

Beautifully restored
L 175 cm X W 8.0 cm
Wood, Metal, Leather,

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